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ScynTurn 13 Kill. Finished all coil content of 2.X era. On to the expansion!
FF14 ARR - Warforged Turn 13 Kill
Music Credits: Sons of War - Two Steps from Hell -----------...
Rydia   *shrug*
Jballa   happy 1 year of inactivity
Melyn   registered to Ascension
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Jballateamspeak info plz
Scyn   says it in the TS box lol

ScynTurn 12 Kill
FF14 ARR - Warforged Turn 12 Kill
Music Credits: For the Win - Two Steps from Hell -----------...
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Legion   registered to Ascension
SolarbasedLOL Vanguard Tanks just won at last. Activating Battle Focus increases resist (Melee, ranged, force, AND tech) by 35%.

Yippee for OP.
SamWho's going to be online for the release of the early access? I have a couple 55 toons that could use an invite to Ascension in the hope of at least saying hi to some folks and possibly raiding with you guys again.
FF14 ARR - Warforged Turn 11 Kill
Music Credits: Final Fantasy 14 goes Rock - Shiva Theme (Pha...
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